Mail Stop Code: * -   *   Totals a five digit number assigned by SMS.
Agency Budget or Cost Code:   Internal tracking numbers agencies have submitted to SMS.

If Agency Budget or Cost Code is blank the postage will be charged to the agency’s default account. Mail will not be accepted without a complete Mail Stop Code.
Sender's Name: *  Phone: * 
Date: pick Number of Mail Pieces:
If nothing is checked, SMS will meter the mail in the most economical manner.
First Class
Priority Mail
Standard/Bulk Mail
Overnight Mail
International Mail

See the State Mail Services Guide for descriptions and details of each service.
Certified Mail
(USPS Form 3800)
Delivery Confirmation Mail
(USPS Form 152)
Signiture Confirmation Mail
(USPS Form 153)
Return Receipt
(USPS Form 3811)
Insured Mail
(USPS Form 3813-P)
Value of Contents: *Only for Insured Mail